Europe’s quirky walkable city that feels just like a small town | Travel News | Travel

Europe’s quirky walkable city that feels just like a small town | Travel News | Travel

Exploring a city on foot gives a unique glimpse into daily life. One of Europe’s most walkable holiday destinations is one of Germany’s smallest cities.

Located in Germany’s entrancing Black Forest region, Freiburg is often known as the region’s capital and sits close to the French border.

With around 230,000 residents, the city is compact and the ideal holiday destination to explore on foot.

But it’s not just its size that makes Freiburg a walkable city. The ‘Capital of the Black Forest’ pedestrianised its city centre in 1973 and built a large network of cycle lanes.

Nowadays, the city has twice as many bikes as cars and over a third of residents don’t even own a vehicle.

The city is one of Germany’s most sustainable and its football stadium was the country’s first to be powered by solar energy.

Freiburg’s pretty Munsterplatz is still a hub of activity and one of the best spots in the city for people-watching.

‘Sasha Brower’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “We liked this place a lot. Impressive and beautiful. If you want to feel the city spirit, go there.”

One of Freiburg’s quirkiest tourist attractions is its network of bachle, water-filled tunnels or miniature canals, which can be seen on many of the city’s streets and alleyways.

Fed by a river, the water tunnels run through Freiburg’s Old Town and they’re now used in the city’s famous boat race, where people race miniature boats down the network.

Freiburg is often thought of as one of Germany’s culinary hubs and don’t leave without sampling a delicious flammkuchen.

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