Exam Anxiety Tips

According to the ADAA, fear of failure, failing in past exams, or lack of enough prep time can cause anxiety. It is not always easy to remain calm before your test. 

Here are the best tips to help you remain calm from Clarity Clinic

1. Prepare for the Exams 

It is best to prepare for your exams. Prepping thoroughly can make you feel more confident. You will know you will do better in your exams. Consult test prep experts to help you review tough question types and concepts. The prep experts can boost your confidence. You need to feel confident before doing your exams. 

2. Get Enough Night’s Rest 

Do not cram and pull an all-night. Why? It can affect your nerves. It is beneficial to get enough night’s rest. Sleep for 9 to 10 hours every night. Do not read the text until dawn. If you, however, have some questions, you can consult a tutor. The tutor can help you solve those questions. 

3. Eat the Right Food 

Eat a healthy breakfast before your texts. Pack a snack to keep you energized throughout the day. Choose foods that provide a steady source of nutrients. Do not eat sugary foods because they can cause sugar cash. 

4. Go to the Testing Site Early 

If you feel rushed, it can increase your anxiety. Pack what you need for your test before you sleep. Then, set your alarm. You need to get to the testing site early. 

5. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude 

Having an optimistic outlook can reduce your anxiety. You can even use positive affirmations, such as “I know I will succeed” or “I can do this”. Recite the positive affirmations before you begin your test. 

6. Read Carefully

Do not rush to start your test. Read the instructions and directions carefully. Read the questions thoroughly before you make your choice. You may spend more time on a question. Later, you realize you are writing the wrong answer. In fact, you might even write the wrong essay. Slow down. Read and understand the question before writing your answer. 

7. Just Start

Do not just stare at the blank page. It can increase your anxiety. Once you read the instructions and directions, you can now make an outline for the answer. You can even begin with the easy questions to boost your confidence. Answering a few questions can make it easy to continue answering the other questions. If you make a mistake, you can go back to fix them.

Author: Shirley