Expat explains why their husband struggles to live in France | Travel News | Travel

Expat explains why their husband struggles to live in France | Travel News | Travel

Ever dreamed of living in Paris? The City of Lights is often thought of as the most romantic city in the world.

Netflix’s popular show Emily in Paris, might present life in the French capital as pretty idyllic but it might not be for everyone.

An expat has explained why their husband struggles with life in Paris in a post on social network, Reddit.

‘Nonula’ wrote: “As for overall quality of life in Paris, I would say that depends on your tolerance for crowds, noise, cigarette smoke and wonky trains that never seem to be predictable, except that you can predict at least one line won’t be running.

“I rather thrive on all the chaos, but my husband hates crowds and it really stresses him out to be in the city all the time.”

Paris is one of France’s top tourist destinations and the French capital could never be described as quiet.

Expats who aren’t looking for chaos might prefer to look for somewhere in the French countryside.

‘Nonula’ added: “I’ve heard it’s a lot worse in the summer months. In 2024 it will be an absolute zoo, due to the Olympics.”

Paris is expected to be packed during the summer Olympics and the city has already hiked its tourist tax.

The expat added that people might find it challenging to find an affordable place to rent in the French capital.

They claimed: “Salaries are low versus the cost of rent in Paris, so you might want to plan on living in the suburbs.

“Landlords here require you to have three times the monthly rent minimum coming in and you’ll need to prove it with three months of paystubs to be considered for a rental.”

Paris is one of the world’s most expensive cities, landing just outside the top five on the Economist’s latest cost of living index.

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