Expert urges travellers to always pack two types of shoes for first cruise | Travel News | Travel

Expert urges travellers to always pack two types of shoes for first cruise | Travel News | Travel

River cruises are a fantastic way to explore and discover amazing new cities and create lasting memories.

Europe is home to some incredible rivers flowing through unforgettable destinations, including the Seine, Rhine, Danube and Douro.

Melody Moser is a travel writer and blogger with over 30 years experience of working in the travel industry.

The river cruise expert has shared her top tips for travellers getting ready to embark on their first river cruise.

Choose your cruise carefully: 

“Ask yourself what type of excursions you want. Do you want to experience local life, such as visiting a farm and tasting cheese and wine, or having a meal in a local family’s home? Or do you want a culinary-themed cruise or an active experience with cycling excursions?” Melody said.

“Think about the destination, too. Would you rather cruise the rivers of Europe, Egypt, the United States, or Asia? If choosing Europe, would you prefer to see castles on the Rhine, or Portugal’s Douro wine country?”

Pack appropriately:

First-timers may not know what to expect when embarking on a river cruise holiday, so it’s important to pack appropriately.

“When packing for a cruise, bring comfortable walking shoes and one dressier, but comfortable pair of shoes. Dress is casual, but you might want something dressier for special occasions, such as a Captain’s Dinner, or a nighttime concert,” advised Melody.

Do your research: 

It’s important to thoroughly research where you’re going to be going on your river cruise holiday, explained Melody, urging travellers to “learn about the different cities and towns you’ll be visiting before you go, and how much time you’ll have at each location”. 

“It’s also a good idea to learn a few phrases in the languages of the countries you’ll be visiting. You’ll be rewarded with a smile,” she added.

Stay flexible:

“Things like water level and weather can affect your itinerary, so be prepared for plans to change,” said Melody. You may not get the exact holiday you’re expecting, but that’s all part of the adventure and it’s important to remain flexible.

Plan for dietary requirements:

“If you have dietary requirements or allergies, let the cruise line know in advance,” suggests Melody, adding: “Most cruise lines are very accommodating.”

Take out cruise cover:

It’s important to make sure you have the right travel insurance before heading off on a cruise adventure. Selecting cruise cover before you travel means you’ll get additional protection for things like medical emergencies onboard the ship, as well as missed departures or ports.

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