F1 2022: Lando Norris McLaren contract worth, Daniel Ricciardo news

F1 2022: Lando Norris McLaren contract worth, Daniel Ricciardo news

McLaren has announced one of the biggest deals in Formula 1 with a contract that shows who is top dog in the team garage.

Lando Norris has signed a long-term contract extension with McLaren after turning down approaches from Formula 1 rivals.

The 22-year-old was hot property after a 2021 season where he finished sixth in the championship and has confirmed both Mercedes and Red Bull reached out to him.

The details of the deal show how hard McLaren had to fight for him.

The team announced the news in a statement, revealing Norris has signed a four-year deal through to the end of the 2025 season.

According to The Sun, the deal is worth a staggering $94 million (£50million).

The rich new deal comes after McLaren caught the Formula 1 world by surprise in May by announcing Norris had signed a multi-year extension with the team.

His new deal appears to be a significant upgrade.

The new contract means McLaren has a stable driving pairing until at least the end of 2023, with Ricciardo also remaining under contract until the end of the 2023 season.

At the age of 31, Ricciardo has taken a major gamble with his McLaren contract — a deal which could potentially be the last one he signs in Formula 1.

According to reports from 2021 — and based on exchange rates from last year — Ricciardo still has around $34 million to run on his deal — not including performance bonus clauses that reportedly activate further payments.

His $17 million per-year deal is significantly less than Norris’ reported new deal which carries a value of more than $23 million per-year.

The new deal shows Ricciardo clearly doesn’t have No. 1 driver status in the team — and the two drivers appear certain to wrestle for the bragging rights in 2022.

Norris’ long-term extension shows he has faith that the team can take a step up and compete with Mercedes and Red Bull.

“I am extremely happy. McLaren is a big part of my career and my life so to stay for another four years is pretty amazing,” he said.

“McLaren are people I’ve grown up with. The people I’ve come into Formula 1 with.

“More than anything, we’d love to continue what we have and try to reach that dream of ours, which is to get back to winning races and to eventually try and win championships.

“This deal is more about solidarity, for me and the team and that level of confidence in both of us.

“I see it as a benefit for myself to have this longer contract and for the team, it is a performance benefit and motivation.

“I want to give the whole team the confidence that I’m here to stay. I want to keep trying to achieve things with them.”

As reported by The Sun, Norris says he was approached by rival teams about his availability, and had ‘little chats here and there’ but McLaren acted swiftly to fend off attention in their star driver.

And the Monaco-based star said that while he had discussions with others, he always kept McLaren in the loop.

He added: “There were opportunities that I knew would be coming up in the future with various teams, but this put out a strong message on how I believe in Mclaren, even with those opportunities that could arise.

“I had to weigh up all the factors and I looked at all the best options for me in what I think I can achieve.

“Of course there will now be opportunities for other drivers to go to Red Bull or Mercedes, who knows if I would have had those opportunities.

“But the fact I chose to stay at McLaren is the good thing about this and is the strong message.”

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl said in the team statement Norris’ contract does not include any contract clauses for either party to end the deal early.

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