Five flower bulbs to plant now for a ‘fabulous spring display’ with little effort

Five flower bulbs to plant now for a ‘fabulous spring display’ with little effort

Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at, said: “If you’re looking to plant some bulbs now and get a head start on your gardening, it’s important to know what you can and can’t plant in winter.

“Some bulbs simply won’t be able to stand the harsh weather conditions that winter brings, and they won’t be able to bloom.

“Knowing which bulbs you can plant now will help to ensure that your garden is thriving in spring.”

1. Lilies

According to the expert, lily bulbs tend to be quite hardy and can be planted anytime from autumn until spring.

They need rich, well-draining soil as well as a sunny spot in the garden, and will grow best if they are planted 15cm to 20cm deep.

Fiona added: “If the soil in your garden is heavy or doesn’t drain well, you could plant lily bulbs in a pot or container and create a lovely potted display that you can place on your patio. Potted bulbs can later be planted in borders once they’re established.”

2. Liatris

The gardening expert continued: “Liatris are a tough type of herbaceous perennial originating from North America.

“These plants are great for attracting wildlife, such as butterflies and bees, into your garden.

“The bulbs produce large blooms, which eventually form a clump and can then later be divided in spring.

“These bulbs must be planted in well-drained soil and should be located in an area with plenty of light. Plant these bulbs roughly 5cm deep for the best results.”

3. Tulips

Tulips are usually planted during the autumn, but according to Fiona, can still produce a good display when planted now.

These flowers need well-draining soil in a sunny location in the garden before they flower in April or May time.

4. Daffodils

Fiona explained: “Daffodils are best planted in autumn. However, they can still be planted in January and February and produce gorgeous blooms in spring.

“Loosen the soil where possible and scatter some fertiliser before placing the bulbs on top of the soil. Avoid pushing them in the soil, as this could damage the bulb.

“Once the bulbs are in place, cover with roughly two to four inches of mulch or finished compost.”

Gardeners should renew the mulch covering regularly with a fresh layer to give them the best chance of blooming.

5. Eucomis

These bulbs are most commonly planted in spring but now isn’t too early to get them started in pots and containers.

They should be planted around 15cm deep to produce a “gorgeous summer display”.

The expert added: “Alternatively, they can be planted out on a border once they’re actively growing. However, you should only do this after the last frost.”

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