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Five Guys Australia’s ‘unbelievable’ prices shock Sydney customers

Five Guys recently opened its first restaurant in Sydney, but a video revealing the “unbelievable” menu prices has shocked Australians.

An online food critic has taken aim at a cult US burger chain which recently opened its doors in Sydney after forking out more than $200 for six burgers and three drinks.

American burger giant Five Guys opened its first Australian restaurant in Sydney’s Penrith last month during the state’s four-month lockdown.

Now that the city has reopened, Sydneysiders have been rushing to get a taste of the US burger, flooding social media with videos and reviews.

However TikTok creator Fred, who posts under the handle @abrakebabra_reviews, was less than impressed with the chain’s offerings after paying $215 for six burgers, four lots of fries, and three milkshakes.

In a separate video he revealed he was less than impressed with the “very expensive” burger, describing it as on par with Hungry Jacks.

“I cannot justify paying this amount of money for this. I’d go straight to Hungry Jacks,” he said in a video shared this week.

“The honest truth is it is f***ing sh*t.”

He ended his TikTok rant by describing the burger as “slop” and telling Five Guys to “go back to where you came from”.

Five Guys prices in Australia vary compared to America. Burgers in Sydney start at $17 and can come in at $21 for one topped with bacon and cheese.

Milkshakes are $9.90, while fries cost between $5.90 and $9.90, dependant on size.

Meanwhile in the US the most expensive burger is $8.69 – roughly $12 in Australian dollars.

Reaction to Fred’s video has been strong, with many thanking the food reviewer for his honesty.

“I’m sorry but $215 is robbery for take-out burger meals,” one said.

“You should have walked out as soon as you saw the price,” another wrote.

While one speculated: “These places are popular in America because they’re cheap. They come here and then be $20 for a burger – no wonder they fail.”

Others shared their own bill totals, revealing they were equally as shocked by the prices.

“Went there yesterday – $108 for three burgers, three small chips and three drinks. Never again. Chips were cold and burgers horrible,” one wrote.

“A friend of mine went, two meals, no shakes, $48. Unbelievable,” another shared.

However some were unsympathetic, stating he knew the prices before he purchased the food.

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