Flight attendant shares how families can change their seats on plane | Travel News | Travel

Flight attendant shares how families can change their seats on plane | Travel News | Travel

A flight attendant has helped tourists planning on who were unable to get seats that are close together.

@theejernine is a who regularly posts short videos to her TikTok page in which she gives advice to viewers ahead of their next getaway.

In one of her most popular videos, @theejernine advised families who were unable to book seats together should .

She advised: “If you are travelling with your family or someone else and you all are not sitting together, please make sure that you talk to the gate agent that’s standing at the podium before you .

“Because once you get on the aeroplane it’s going to take more time for the flight attendants to potentially try to seat you together. Also, it’s easier if we can swap, like, a middle seat for a middle seat as opposed to an aisle seat for a middle seat.”

In the video, @theejernine advised anyone that was unable to book seats near to others they are travelling with to speak to a member of staff at the gate as soon as possible.

Whilst it may be possible to swap seats when on board, the flight attendant warned that it is more complex and time consuming for everyone involved, particularly if someone does not want to swap.

Requesting a seat change earlier can also make sure that the person who is being swapped with is getting the type of seat they booked as well.

Later in the video, @theejernine also highlighted that tourists can avoid a lot of hassle by keeping everything they may need during the flight in a small, separate bag.

She continued: “Place your electronics, your earbuds, your pins, anything you may need during the flight. Make sure you have all of those things packed together on the plane. Something like this, a nice little satchel that you can place your carry-on luggage.

“Whenever you don’t have that done, you’re constantly getting up out of your seat, opening the overhead bin, looking for your carry-on items, when you could just have it all in one place and not have to get back up.”

The TikToker showed viewers a compact bag that could be stored in the seat pocket during the flight, keeping valuables and items to occupy the time safe and easily accessible.

Whilst it is possible for tourists to get something from their carry-on luggage during most of the flight, they might not be able to stand up during turbulent weather or when the plane is about to land.

In addition, having a small bag nearby could help to avoid disturbing other passengers, particularly if they are in an aisle seat.

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