Flight hack to get ‘entire row’ to yourself for free – it’s a ‘win-win’ | Travel News | Travel

Flight hack to get ‘entire row’ to yourself for free – it’s a ‘win-win’ | Travel News | Travel

From seat selection to extra legroom, opting for your ideal seat onboard a flight can drive up the cost of your ticket. If you wanted to enjoy an entire row to yourself, the likelihood is you’d have to shell out for the additional seats, costing three times the price of one ticket.

However, one Reddit user says they have a “win-win” hack which might secure two people travelling together an “entire row” to themselves without paying a penny.

The user explained the hack works for airlines that allow passengers to opt for free seat selection when they check in online.

Online check-in usually opens 24 hours before the flight departure.

The user explained: “If you’re flying economy with a companion and you can pick your seats online, don’t sit right next to each other in a row of three seats.

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“One of you takes the aisle, and the other takes the window, leaving the middle seat empty if possible.

“When other people are selecting their seats, nobody willingly takes a middle seat unless there are no other options.

“Instead, they’ll go for a window or an aisle, or if they’re travelling with a companion, then usually any two seats available next to one another.”

For full flights, the hack won’t work, but if you’re flight’s load is on the lower side you could be in luck.

The user continued: “If the flight is not full, then you are now much more likely to have an entire row together once the plane takes off.

“If, however, someone does show up for the middle seat prior to takeoff, simply tell them that you made a mistake when booking and that you’d prefer to sit next to your companion, and would you like to trade us for either the window or the aisle?

“No person in their right mind wants to sit in the middle seat between a couple if they have the option to take a seat on either side instead. Win-win.”

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, experts shared some additional seat hacks which can ensure you are not left sitting away from your travel companions.

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If you are not able to select your seats for free but are desperate to sit with your significant other or family, Nicky Kelvin head of The Points Guy UK, recommends booking your flight as early as possible.

He told Express.co.uk: “If having seats together on a plane is a top priority, then it’s vital to book your flights as far out as possible.

“This ensures that there are still plenty of seats available together before the plane starts to book up with other passengers.

“If you do happen to end up booking last minute, I would recommend calling the airline directly to see if there are any open seats not visible online.

“Often, airlines block out certain rows so there is a good chance that there still might be seats available for you and your children if you ask.”

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