Flipkart Makes Design Changes To Its Mobile App, Targets New Users And Aims Expansion

Flipkart Makes Design Changes To Its Mobile App, Targets New Users And Aims Expansion

Flipkart has refreshed the design of its mobile app to elevate the user experience to make it more intuitive and simple to navigate. With millions of first-time internet users exploring e-commerce from not just from metros but from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, it was imperative to create a user experience that caters to the diverse needs of the users.

As part of the design revamp process, Flipkart has introduced design changes that will enable navigation between various categories of products and services, and make the experience intuitive for millions of diverse customers. 

To help new customers who are exploring Grocery shopping online for the first time and as Flipkart expands availability of groceries across 1,800 cities, there is a separate and more visible tab available for Grocery on the homepage as part of the new design.

The enhanced design changes are based on the user design principles around uniformity, predictability, ease of use and helped build a people-first app design.

According to Flipkart’s design experts, a key part of providing an intuitive user experience is creating simple information architecture and common patterns that enable users to discover and logically navigate on a mobile device. This assumes significance, particularly for the new-to-internet customers, so they can seamlessly navigate the app to discover and find products without a learning curve.

With the newly redesigned app, users will be able to switch between shopping via the homepage, browsing different categories, viewing notifications and past orders, and finishing their purchases in the cart, all in the bottom navigation.

Bharath Ram, Vice-President, User Activation and Retention at Flipkart, said, “User experience and design is a crucial part of providing a holistic e-commerce experience for existing and new-to-internet customers, and we, at Flipkart, are committed to building a simple and intuitive experience for them. A multidisciplinary team of designers, researchers, product managers, and engineers worked together to build the new design, which offers a refreshed user experience of our mobile app with a simplified navigation framework and a host of other design enhancements to enable easy discoverability of categories and seamless navigation across the platform, thereby simplifying customers’ e-commerce journey. The introduction of the Grocery tab on the homepage is one such design upgrade which will allow customers fast access to a category that is very important in everyone’s lives and is in line with the fast expansion of Flipkart’s grocery presence across the country.”

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