Food Items You Should Stay Away From if You’re Suffering From Fatty Liver

Food Items You Should Stay Away From if You’re Suffering From Fatty Liver

It is a common misconception that health issues related to the fatty liver are faced only by people addicted to alcohol. Truth be told, such issues can be faced by anyone, irrespective of their drinking habits. The fast-paced life of today’s times has led to a turbulent lifestyle with a high amount of stress, which in turn leads to unhealthy eating habits. Such carelessness on our part can make us victims of fatty liver.

Fatty liver occurs when extra fat gets deposited in our liver. When fat increases, it can cause liver cirrhosis or even liver failure. People suffering from fatty liver may even feel that they have overeaten after eating just a little. They also face situations wherein they don’t feel full even after overeating. Some of the reasons for fatty liver are

Excessive weight or obesity

Genetic issues

Drinking too much alcohol

Too much dependence on medicines

Having Type-2 diabetes

Having metabolic syndrome

A poor unhealthy diet

Women going through post menopause

Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

According to Healthline, these are the foods you should keep away from if you suffer from fatty liver.

Alcohol: This is the biggest reason for fatty liver. Excessive drinking brings an increased risk of fatty liver problems as well as other liver diseases. Stay away from alcohol as much as you can.

Sugar: When the level of blood sugar increases, a large amount of fat starts accumulating in the liver. Avoid foods that have high sugar content like candy, cookies, soda and fruit juice.

Fried Foods: Fatty liver patients should not consume oily and spicy foods. Food items that are high in calories and fat are very harmful to the liver.

White bread, Rice, Pasta: White flour is highly processed, due to which the blood sugar in our body increases very fast. It contains much less fibre than standing grains. Even healthy people should avoid white flour.

Red meat: Red meat is very harmful to patients suffering from fatty liver. Red meat like beef, deli meat contains a high amount of saturated fat which can prove detrimental to the body.

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