Food storage hack: ‘Lesser-known method’ to keep herbs ‘fresh and tasty for longer’

Food storage hack: ‘Lesser-known method’ to keep herbs ‘fresh and tasty for longer’

Food storage hacks have blown up on social media in recent months, uncovering innovative ways to keep food fresh for longer. Herbs are a useful kitchen ingredient because of their diversity and ability to bring an array of dishes to life.

However, many fresh herbs can wilt and go off at a rapid rate, especially if they aren’t stored properly.

Nick Drewe, savings expert at WeThrift, says getting to grips with food hacks could be crucial for households during the cost of living crisis.

He said: “Though the cost of living has made food shops less exciting and more extortionate, various accounts on social media have shared their new and exciting methods to keep perishables fresh and firm – which don’t have to break the bank.”

He pointed out a “lesser-known” method of storing herbs which can keep them “fresh” for longer.

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The hack was originally shared by Instagram account @testkitchen which has 1.5M followers to date.

The experts explained: “Wrap fresh leafy herbs in a damp paper towel inside a zipper-lock bag and put them in the crisper drawer [in your fridge]. They’ll last much longer.”

Mr Drewe shared his own method of “swaddling” which can also include using an airtight Tupperware container.

What is the typical shelf life of fresh herbs?

The shelf life of fresh herbs varies depending on how you store them.

  • Parsley – three weeks
  • Dill – three weeks
  • Coriander – three weeks
  • Mint – three weeks
  • Tarragon – three weeks
  • Basil – two weeks
  • Rosemary – three weeks
  • Oregano – two weeks
  • Thyme – two weeks
  • Sage – two weeks
  • Chives – one week

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