Four in 10 learners looking for career change this year : Survey

Four in 10 learners looking for career change this year : Survey

41% of learners are looking for a career change this year, an increase from 30% last year, finds a new survey.

Simplilearn’s 2023 Consumer Survey indicates dynamic shifts in learner sentiments from last year. According to last year’s report, 59% of professionals took self-study courses, 33% of learners enrolled in part-time courses, and 51% earned skilled certifications.

However, in 2023, regarding upskilling preferences, 51% of professionals said they prefer to enroll in part-time or online certifications. Only some opt for self-study (23%), open-source projects (12%), or full-time college enrollment (7%).

The survey by Simplilearn, an online bootcamp offering digital skills training, highlights professionals’ expectations for 2023, their outlook on the impact of upskilling in their career growth trajectory, and the type of upskilling courses they are likely to take up this year.

“Our 2023 Consumer Survey results highlight that professionals continue to actively take up upskilling courses despite shifts in ways of working and return to back-to-office norms. Confident of receiving better salaries and jobs or desired promotions at their existing workplaces, sharpened and new skills remain the strongest ammunition for professionals. Additionally, with the rise of generative AI and new digital economy tech, learners are keen to upskill in the same or allied fields,” said Kashyap Dalal, co-founder and COO of Simplilearn.

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Nine in 10 learners said that upskilling will help in bolstering their career.Data science and business analytics were the most in-demand skills, followed by program and project management at 40%, AI and ML at 35%, and cloud computing and DevOps at 31%.30% of respondents believe that upskilling will help them to get a job with a new employer, 25% think that upskilling will give them new opportunities in their current workplace, 22% believe that they would receive a salary hike after upskilling, and 16% think that upskilling will help them get a desired promotion.

Further, AI and ML skills are in most demand across sectors such as agriculture, BFSI, energy, mining and utilities, and media and communications.

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