Frequent flyer reveals why you should board the plane first

While it might be tempting to board a plane after the initial rush, there’s one main reason why you should always be at the front of the line.

Being the first to board a plane where you have assigned seats might not seem like the best move.

You’re sat in the cramped seat for longer and you have to wait for everyone else to find their seats and get settled before the flight can take off.

But a frequent flyer has revealed why boarding the plane first actually saves you time in the long run, The Sun reports.

And it is all to do with where you put your hand luggage and how easily you can access it.

Ashwin S Krishnan took to question and answer site Quora to share his advice.

He wrote: “If you are flying economy/coach and have cabin luggage, gauge how crowded the flight is going to be.

“If you expect a full flight, try to board earlier – this will improve your chances to get cabin space for your luggage over your designated seat.

“Having to place your cabin luggage behind your seat or checking it in leads to a significant time loss.”

First isn’t always best though. One travel expert has shared that some people are paying to board the plane last instead.

Travel blogger Gilbert Ott said VIP and celebrity passengers prefer to board planes last.

On his website God Save The Points, he wrote: “A true ‘A-lister’ magically appears, and the aircraft door practically closes behind them, on command, and the words, ‘Cabin crew, boarding complete’ comes over the loudspeaker.”

And US TV host Samantha Brown insists taking airlines up on the pre-boarding option for people with small children is something to avoid.

The mum of twins has travelled extensively with her children and said her biggest travel tip is to join the queue with the rest of the passengers and take your time to board.

She said this allows the children to burn off a little more energy plus avoids them getting bored sitting in their seats, waiting for everyone else to board.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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