Fried egg cooking hack means ‘you’ll never have to flip an egg again’

Fried egg cooking hack means ‘you’ll never have to flip an egg again’

Cooking fried eggs is meant to be a simple task, but many end up with one side burnt and the other “snotty”. 

Sean Jimminson, aka @seanjimminsonfitness shared a “fried egg hack” on his TikTok account. 

The video has been watched by nearly 50,000 people and it’s the “hack you didn’t know you needed”. 

Sean takes a non-stick frying pan and cracks one egg into the middle of it – there is no butter or oil in the pan. 

He then gets a small saucepan lid and “adds a splash of water onto the lid” before tipping the water off onto the egg and pan. 

As the water sizzles, he then quickly covers the egg with the lid and the top of the egg starts to steam and cook. 

Sean claims: “You’ll never have to flip an egg again [to cook the top]. Once the egg is sealed, remove the lid and you’ll get perfectly cooked eggs every time.” 

As for whether this hack works, several left comments below the video. One said: “Never added water like this until just now! Oh my so delicately, perfectly, evenly, cooked! This is how I’ll do it from now on! Thank you!” 

Another said it “worked perfectly!!!” And a third said it wasn’t a new hack: “All over this lately, known this for years.” 

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Author: Shirley