Full-English breakfast fans could see the return of a historic food staple

Full-English breakfast fans could see the return of a historic food staple

The English Breakfast Society has sparked debate after suggesting a new version of the nation’s traditional breakfast – a full English fry-up.

Bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes are core staples in almost every version of the dish, though it is often joined by additional items like black pudding, baked beans, hash browns and toast.

But according to historians, there’s one key ingredient missing from this list, in the form of an exotic yellow fruit known as the pineapple.

As revealed by The Telegraph, the society is urging fans of the fry-up to replace mushrooms or tomatoes with a grilled round of fresh or tinned pineapples.

The exotic fruit was previously seen as an indicator of a sophisticated palate in past centuries, historians claim.

Founder of the English Breakfast Society, Guise Bule de Missenden insisted that the addition of pineapples is not unusual due to their long-standing history on England’s breakfast plates.

He explained: “Interestingly, in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the pineapple was considered to be a high-status breakfast item in Great Britain.

“King Charles himself loved them, so if you wanted to add a touch of the exotic to your plate and eat like a 17th-century lord, there is no reason not to give it a try.”

Not only does it add a touch of history, but a slice of grilled pineapple can add great variety to the English breakfast plate.

Guise suggested swapping mushrooms or tomato for a grilled pineapple slice to give someone “a surprising and unexpected delight” when they tuck into their fry-up.

The opinion has been divided among fellow members of the society and general fans of a classic cooked breakfast.

One person took to X, formerly Twitter to say: “Fruit does not belong on a breakfast plate. I am cancelling my membership of the English Breakfast Society with immediate effect!”

Another X user wrote: “I was about to blame the US for this atrocity after their ‘pinch of salt in tea’ debacle… but to find out it was suggested by the English Breakfast Society has shaken me to my very core!!! Feel the need to lie down till this nonsense has passed…”

The unique suggestion isn’t the first of its kind from the group, which previously called for Britons to boycott hash browns at breakfast time.

Instead, they suggested a side of bubble and squeak which they claimed was much more traditional than potato triangles which lack British origin.

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