Gabby Logan recalls Strictly ‘disappointment’ after competing against husband | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Gabby Logan recalls Strictly ‘disappointment’ after competing against husband | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Gabby Logan has spoken out about her big “disappointment” with Strictly Come Dancing. The presenter took part in the BBC dance competition show back in 2007 when she was partnered up with former Strictly pro-dancer James Jordan.

However, the pair were given the boot in Week Four as they failed to impress the voting public. To add to the blow, Gabby’s husband Kenny Logan was a competitor in the same series and he made it to Week 10.

When asked by Aimee Fuller on her podcast Monday Mile with Aimee Fuller if losing to Kenny on Strictly was one of life’s greatest disappointments, she replied: “Just being kicked out of Strictly was a disappointment.

“Losing to him wouldn’t have been as bad had he come out the following week, but he went out seven weeks later, so I had to go every week and clap for him in the front row. You know when they show the friends and family and they’re clapping away?

“He still brags about it…”

Gabby also said she was “critiqued in the public for being too competitive”. She added: “I didn’t think I was being competitive at all – I was just training,” she said.

“I think [these days] you’d get more credit for being competitive. It shows you how the shift has changed in society about women, because it paid back then to be a woman who was like ‘oh, this old dance’ whereas I was like, ‘I was so disappointed’.”

She also said if she were to be able to star on the show again, she would “just look pleased whatever the score was rather than let the public know I was disappointed,” before adding that if they had an over 50s special, “I’d give that a right go.”

The TV host has previously spoken about her not having the backing of the Strictly viewers due to her competitive nature.

“I was just training hard, and then perhaps looking a bit too disappointed if I got a low score,” she told Mail Online in 2022. “Essentially, I think I was showing all the signs of being a ‘sportswoman’ – which, until 2012, was a dirty word.

“Only with the London Olympics did we finally wake up to the possibility in this country of women being respected for being good at sport.

“My husband Kenny, the Scottish rugby international, appeared on the same series of Strictly and he was smashing it when it came to the public vote. People loved him.

“He was showing all the signs of being a ‘sportsman’, of course – which was perfectly fine, a bloke apparently being competitive and training hard was OK.”

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