Gail Porter’s friends were ‘really angry’ with her at worst time in ‘rollercoaster’ life | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Gail Porter’s friends were ‘really angry’ with her at worst time in ‘rollercoaster’ life | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Gail Porter, 51, opened up about the tough times in her “rollercoaster” life and discussed how she was able to come out the other side. The mother-of-one is also sharing her advice for people who may also be struggling as she fronts a new Samaritans campaign.

Recalling one of her worst times before the birth of her daughter, Honey, Gail told “Many years ago, I was in not a great place. I mean, I’ve been up and down, I’ve [had] a wee rollercoaster of a life but there was a time before I had Honey that I didn’t know who to talk to.

“Someone had mentioned the Samaritans and I thought, ‘Oh I don’t want to waste their time’, but I just wanted to cry so much.

“Eventually I picked up the phone and I was so pleased I did.

“Someone just answered, didn’t ask my name, didn’t ask me any personal details and I knew I had someone to talk to without getting judged.” 

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“I think I am going to make it a bit like a talk about lots of stuff that has happened to me which is quite dark but then putting the humour in it as well that you can laugh at and then think, ‘Should I be laughing at this?’

“I’ll say, ‘Remember when I was sectioned?’ and they all go, ‘Oh god’.” 

As for whether she minds discussing the darker times in her life, Gail says: “Now, not at all. I’ve got nothing to lose and if it helps somebody else. 

“You know, people don’t have to listen to me but if I say something that resonates with someone then you’ve done something good. 

“It’s like with the hair thing, a lot of people say to me, ‘Why don’t you wear a wig?’

“Well, it’s really uncomfortable and I’m quite ok with [being bald] now. People will come up to me in the street and say, ‘My mum’s going through chemo’, or ‘My brother has lost his hair’. 

“People just chat, and I like that.” 

You can find out more about Samaritans’ Small Talk, Saves Lives campaign here.

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