Google Maps Crashes On Mobile And Web, People Searching For Directions

Google Maps Crashes On Mobile And Web, People Searching For Directions

Google Maps has gone blank on Friday evening, leaving millions of people across the globe directionless. Google Maps has stopped working on web, and the mobile map and instead of location, all you can see is a blank page like this.

Google Maps is used widely, and is the preferred navigation tool on mobile for most people, even those using iPhones.

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Google Maps down

As per the Downdetector website, Google Maps is unavailable across India, and it seems people are finding it hard to move around, especially when you are driving or riding on the road.

Google Maps down across the country.

Social media has been abuzz with comments on the situation, which is probably happening for the first time in many years. Google Maps going down, according to few, means Apple Maps has a chance to grab the limelight.

While few say that Google Maps going down means they have to switch back to the traditional paper maps for navigation, which is going to be something for this generation.

At the time of writing, Maps was still down, and we are hoping Google shares an update about when the service will be back in action for consumers.

Maps going down is also going to hamper delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato whose riders rely on the platform for navigation across the cities.

Google Maps is really big where Android phones sell like hotcakes, and markets like India have become Google’s prime spot to test new features before rolling out to other parts of the world.

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