Green chlorophyll face mask turns woman’s face ‘like Shrek’ before job interview

A woman desperate to nourish her troublesome skin applied a bright green chlorophyll face mask – a day before a job interview.

But she was mortified when she realised it wasn’t washing off, leaving her entire face “green like Shrek”.

TikTok user Kota said she’d seen on the platform that chlorophyll can reduce inflammation as the colour green can neutralise any skin redness, The Sun reports.

She shared a clip which showed her rubbing the algae-green-coloured paste into her skin – but that’s when it went terribly wrong.

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“I just saw so many TikToks about chlorophyll and people saying it’s just good for so many things,” she said.

“And I have issues with my skin, so maybe putting chlorophyll on it will work. I looked it up and it says you just have to rub it in your skin a little bit as it can make your face kind of green.

“But when you rub it in, it will go away and I’m just having a difficult time rubbing it in.”

She then shows her stained-green fingers, which wasn’t very promising for her face.

“So I just want to say I’m trying to rub it off right now, these are my fingers and it won’t come off.”

The woman then skips to a shot of her face after attempting to remove the mask, and the results are hilarious.

She reveals that it was fading each time she washed her face with water, although she was still a tint of green.

Kora captioned the clip: “Job interview at Bank of America tomorrow, does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this off. Exfoliating did barely anything, I’m still green #help.”

While some offered helpful suggestions, the green-faced Kota left many amused – with some comparing the look to the famous green ogre Shrek.

“Sorry but I’m dying,” one person said, who found the incident hilarious.

Another joked: “Sounds like you’re rescheduling your interview,” alongside a laughing emoji.

It seems she wasn’t alone in the bad experience as one person admitted: “Damn I did this too and could see green a week later. I swear there were so many TikToks saying to do it.”

Many suggested applying with caution and perhaps “mixing it with something” before covering your entire face.

Some people suggested using coconut oil to help remove the stain, while others insisted applying foundation straight over the top should be enough to cover it.

There’s no knowing whether or not any of the tips worked, or if the woman made it to her job interview, but we certainly hope she didn’t have the face the world with a bright green visage.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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