Hair: Crucial conditioner step for ‘best results’ – missing it ruins the product

Hair: Crucial conditioner step for ‘best results’ – missing it ruins the product

Britons are ruining their conditioner by missing out on a crucial step while washing their hair, a celebrity hairdresser has said. Most people have no idea about the important tip.

Ricky Walters is the owner of SALON64 in London. The hair expert has worked with The Crown’s Erin Richards and TV presenter Laura Whitmore, among other celebs.

Now, he has shared his best tips and tricks for beautiful hair. It’s important to towel dry your hair before you use conditioner, the expert said.

Ricky explained: “There’s nothing worse than splashing out on top quality conditioner to then apply to soaking wet hair straight after washing.

“The high-end, thicker, luxury conditioners on the market should be applied to towel-dried hair.

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“Long hair can hold a huge amount of water which then dilutes your lovely conditioner, leaving you with nothing but a watery residue.”

Taking just a few minutes to dry your hair will save money on products and leave you with gorgeous locks. The hairdresser also suggested shampooing hair twice while washing, to thoroughly cleanse the scalp.

However, it’s crucial to only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, Ricky said. This can leave your hair “lank, heavy, and greasy”. He went on: “Only use conditioner through the lengths and ends of your hair for best results and long-lasting glam.”

For optimal health and shine, leave the conditioner in for two minutes before washing it out. The salon owner suggests his own SALON64 Viva La Moisture range, but these tips will improve the effectiveness of any conditioner.

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Best hair conditioners

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If you’re looking to add pizazz to your hair, £1.50 hair product for volume is going viral after being praised by a beauty expert. 

Elle McNamara goes by Bambi online and has amassed a huge 2.7M “likes” on her TikTok for her beauty videos. 

Elle used the Boots Everyday Extra Firm Hold Mousse. According to the brand, the mousse is “super lightweight” and “has added humidity protection to tame that frizz.”

The beauty fan uses the product liberally to create her voluminous hair. She said: “Watch how £1.50 mouse takes my hair from flat and limp to voluminous. I apply it directly onto the roots just because that’s where I want most of the volume.”

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