Hair expert shares best ways to ’embrace and enhance’ grey hair to look younger

Hair expert shares best ways to ’embrace and enhance’ grey hair to look younger

Grey hair does not have to be ageing. In fact, silver strands can be super modern and chic if taken care of the right way. spoke exclusively to expert Nicole Petty about how older ladies with grey hair can improve their look and in no time.

Nicole started by emphasising that grey is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s a fact of life and inevitable for us as we age.

But there isn’t a particular age when hair starts losing its colour pigment.

The expert told “According to statistics, half the population has or will have grey hair by the time they turn 50 years old.

“However, for some it can happen much earlier, resulting in them reaching for the hair dye to cover it up.”

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While some may choose to cover their greys, it’s also totally possible to look chic and young with grey, silver or white locks.

Speaking about some women’s urge to reach for the dye, Nicole assured women that “it doesn’t need to be this way”.

She stated: “There are many ways you can embrace and enhance grey hair.”

Adding some extra colour in between the greys can do wonders for your hair’s appearance.


“For example, introducing highlights or lowlights can help grey hair appear more dimensional, shinier, and healthier,” Nicole suggested.”

Some women worry about the transition of growing out their greys, worrying about the dreaded noticeable roots.

But the hair expert provided a solution: “Grey highlights can also be a great way to transition to grey hair without the harsh banding of allowing your roots to grow out or having to make the chop.”

What women do with their grey hair to enhance it might depend on their natural hair colour.

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She called these “perfect examples of individuals who have stylishly blended darker and lighter tones of grey”.

Natural blondes might want to avoid the salt and pepper or charcoal grey look, instead going down the route of “lighter, warmer shades”.

She explained: “Combining blonde with grey is a fabulous way to embrace greys in a youthful way without washing you out.

“Look to Diane Keaton, Cynthia Nixon and Helen Mirren for blonde-grey inspiration.”

Nicole Petty is a hair expert from hair extensions brand Milk + Blush.

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