Have You Solved Wordle 333 For May 18 Yet? See Hints, Clues And Solution Here

Have You Solved Wordle 333 For May 18 Yet? See Hints, Clues And Solution Here

Wordle is on a spree lately for extremely challenging words that range from everyday-used words to the ones we seldom use. Today’s word might trip you up as well because it isn’t just tough to crack but also confusing enough to let you exhaust all your attempts. If you haven’t found today’s answer yet, you have landed on the right page for clues, hints and solution.

How to play Wordle?

For those who are new to the sensational word game, Wordle was developed by a Brooklyn-based software engineer, Josh Wardle. The players have just one simple objective, to guess the day’s five-letter word by entering characters in a box. Players are offered six attempts to get the word right. When you enter the alphabets, they are highlighted in different colors to indicate whether you have it right or not. 

For instance, if the alphabet entered is in the correct spot, the box will turn green, and if wrong the box will turn yellow. So what does it mean when you enter an alphabet and the box turns grey? It means you have typed the wrong alphabet in the wrong spot. The game is not app-based and one can play it by simply opening a link.

Wordle 333 hints for May 18:

The word starts with S

The word ends with R

The word has two vowels in it

The word is a verb

Wordle 333 answer for May 18:

Wordle 333 answer for May 18 is ‘SCOUR’. 

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