Here’s What CEO Tim Cook Said

Here’s What CEO Tim Cook Said

Apple Watch is hugely popular due to the health features that the smartwatch from Apple provides. Many times, as we have seen in Apple’s own presentations and otherwise, the Apple Watch has been integral in saving lives by either diagnosing a life-threatening condition, or simply alerting the emergency services if a user is injured an immobile. Now, the Apple Watch is at it again and this time, a dentist from Haryana is the person whose life was saved because an Apple Watch detected irregular vitals.

A dentist named Nitesh Chopra from Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar gifted his wife an Apple Watch Series 6 last year. Chopra was recently having some chest pains, and his wife suggested taking an ECG on the Apple Watch. After seeing irregularities in the ECG, the couple went to the hospital to get it checked and after an angiography, it was found that Chopra had a frightening 99.9 percent blockage in his arteries. After a surgery and a few days in the hospital, Chopra was discharged with a stent in his heart. “We were lucky that nothing bad didn’t happen. It was the Apple Watch that actually gave as indication that because my husband is in his early 30s, we would have never even imagined him to be suffering from blocked arteries,” Neha, the dentist’s wife was quoted in reports as saying.

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Neha was so thankful for the Apple Watch that she wrote an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook thanking him for the technology that saved her husband’s life. “We reached the hospital only because of the technology provided by you and he is now fine and healthy. I wish you lots of love and happiness and thank you for giving my husband his life,” Neha wrote in her email.

The Apple CEO even responded to the email, thanking Neha for sharing her story with him. I’m so glad you sought medical attention and received the treatment you needed. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Be well. Best, Tim,” Cook was quoted as saying in the email.

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Chopra, a dentist by profession, says that he even ignored the readings of the Apple Watch for a while thinking “a young man in his early 30s can’t have such arrhythmia.” However, the last reading on March 12 made him and his family believe that something was not right with his heart. He also said that while in ICU, he and his wife were cross-checking the ECG readings with those of the Apple Watch, and he found them to be in sync. “I definitely recommend this not just for heart patients but everyone who cares about their own health,” Chopra was quoted as saying.

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