History and Significance of the Welfare of Cancer Patients

Giving someone hope to live can be the greatest part of life. World Rose Day, celebrated on September 22, is a ray of hope for cancer patients all around the world who are facing the big ‘C.’ An arduous and prolonged struggle awaits those who choose to fight cancer. Aside from the physiological implications, cancer causes stress, psychological impact, and anguish. Fighting the disease may be emotionally exhausting, and sufferers require a lot of bravery and positivity to keep going through the difficult times, even from those who support them.

This day is observed all over the world to honour the same bravery and to provide hope to people suffering from the dreadful cancer disease. It is also observed as a day to promote awareness about early identification and prevention, which can not only cure but also save many malignancies.

World Rose Day is marked in remembrance of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl who was diagnosed with Askin’s Tumour, an unusual type of blood cancer. Many people’s lives were touched by Rose’s short existence. She did not give up hope of survival till her dying breath. In the six months of her life, she fought on and made each day count by positively impacting the lives of people around her.

Rose penned poetry, letters, and emails for the cancer warriors around her because the cancer treatment can be so devastating and painful. Her only goal was to keep the hospital where she was hospitalised throughout her journey bright and pleasant. Her life’s mission is said to have become this. As a result, World Rose Day was named after her to commemorate her brave journey after she died.

People continue her memory by sending roses to cancer patients and caregivers to convey their love and support in the face of this brutal disease. It’s also a tribute to the difficult journey they took. People also give cards and thoughtful gifts to patients. Special awareness efforts are also conducted by healthcare facilities and survivors.

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