Holidaymakers are making the most of trips abroad – by tagging on gigs or live events | Travel News | Travel

Holidaymakers are making the most of trips abroad – by tagging on gigs or live events | Travel News | Travel

Holidaymakers are making the most of their trips abroad – by tagging on live gigs, according to research. A poll of 2,000 people, who go on trips abroad, found 63 percent have been on a break where they had combined it with a live event.

And 58 percent of all those polled would like to do so in the future – either again, or for the first time.

Broadening their cultural horizons (24 percent), and getting an opportunity you wouldn’t in the UK (31 percent), were among the main drivers for combining holidays and entertainment.

But it’s not just live music that holidaymakers want to see, as 32 percent also dream of attending a sports event abroad – with football (44 percent), tennis (19 percent), and motorsports (15 percent) among the most popular choices.

Of those who have already attended an event abroad, popular European locations included Paris (19 percent), Barcelona (15 percent), and Rome (11 percent).

Cris Miller, a spokesman for viagogo, which commissioned the research, said: “More than ever before, people want to maximise their holiday experiences.

“Going to a live event to support your favourite team or discover a new artist has become the ultimate way to enrich a trip abroad.

“Our insights show that thousands of Brits are combining travel with live events this year – heading to the upcoming Rugby World Cup, Formula 1, Tomorrowland festival, or catching world-touring acts like Beyoncé and Coldplay.

“With more than 50 million event listings, fans looking to add an event onto an existing trip, or plan one around their best-loved act or team, are spoiled for choice.”

The results also found rock (35 percent), pop (33 percent), and classical music (20 percent) topped the list of genres holiday-goers would like to see when overseas.

R&B and soul (18 percent), Indie (17 percent), and country music (16 percent) also made the ranking of most sought-after sounds.

Nearly half (45 percent) would much rather experience a live event in a foreign city.

And beach towns (31 percent), iconic venues (27 percent), and lakeside areas (17 percent) also proved popular.

When planning a trip abroad, 49 percent of those polled, via OnePoll, make sure to see if any events they liked were happening while they’re there.

And 23 percent would most likely extend their trip to last three to four days – if it meant they could squeeze in a live event.

Cris Miller added: “New York was voted the number one dream place to go and experience an amazing live event, with both Tokyo and Sydney in the top 10.

“This is no surprise – the Big Apple is packed with world-class music venues, sporting arenas, and cultural sites that create fantastic “bucket list” experiences.

“Slightly closer to home, Spain, Italy, and France were all well-represented, as Brits continue to consider soaring travel and accommodation prices.

“Fans want somewhere easy and convenient where they have access to tickets in almost 200 countries, with listings to suit every budget.”

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