Home renovations that ‘devalues’ a property – how to ‘avoid’ all six

Home renovations that ‘devalues’ a property – how to ‘avoid’ all six

Kirsty agreed as she said: “Not only can strong colours make rooms appear smaller, they can also put off potential buyers who believe that there is a lot of redecorating to be done once they move in. Choose neutral colours to present buyers with a blank canvas.”

Dark grey walls, too, have been cited as among the least attractive features to encounter in a house, despite being championed by celebrities and social media stars while showing off their pads in recent times.

4. Spending a lot to replace the kitchen or bathroom 

Everyone thinks that a great kitchen or bathroom can overcome any obstacle when it comes to selling or adding value to a property, but most would be wrong. While an updated attractive kitchen and bathroom goes a long long way, it is not the end all and be all when it comes to a potential buyer’s decision.

As a matter of fact, over improving a kitchen or bathroom can actually cost you money as taste, trends and fads come and go. If you install a kitchen or bathroom that was designed on your own personal taste the chances are the next homeowners are going to rip it all out and start from scratch so they can have the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams.  

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