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Honda Sensing 360 Omnidirectional Safety & Driver Assistive System Unveiled

Honda is gunning for zero traffic collision fatalities involving its motorbikes and automobiles by 2050, globally.

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Honda Sensing 360 is a level 3 autonomous system

Honda has unveiled its own advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) called Sensing 360 Omnidirectional safety and driver-assistive system which has been designed to eliminate blind spots around the vehicle and also has assistive tech that enables collision avoidance and the reduction of driver burden while driving. Honda Sensing 360 features an expanded sensing range on the front and rear – but can also have an omnidirectional detection system around the vehicle. Honda will start deploying the system in 2022 which will first come in the Chinese market. Honda plans on bringing this technology to all the major markets it operates in by 2030. Honda has been developing this system since 2014 which was called Honda Sensing back in the day. 

Honda Sensing 360 features a total of 5 mmWAV radars in the front and on the front and at each corner of the vehicle. This is augmented further with a monocular camera which is already used in the current Honda Sensing. The expanded sensing capability covers blind spots around the vehicle so that the driver is aware of his surroundings and has less of a burden while driving. 


Honda Sensing 360 adds 5 radars into the mix

It also has lane change collision mitigation. This means the system recognizes the risk of collision with a vehicle approaching from the blind spot behind the vehicle, the system provides audio warnings and visual warnings on the virtual instrument system. It also provides steering assistance. The system also adds adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow and lane-keeping assistance. There is also cornering speed assist which uses the front camera and it detects the curvature before reaching the curve and assists the driver to execute smooth cornering, 


Honda has leveraged its knowledge and know-how of autonomous level 3 driving technology. Honda is gunning for zero traffic collision fatalities involving its motorbikes and automobiles by 2050, globally. 

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