Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for June 19

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for June 19


You will achieve everything you have set for yourself due to you being so determined and focused. A strong sense of purpose will mean you will let nothing get in your way. Even if you have to work well into the night, you will reach your goal.


The results of a report will be published after some delay. The time this has taken will be criticised and concerns will be raised about how long the issue has been allowed to go on. At least a decision will now be made by those in charge and this episode can be put behind you.


Your butterfly brain makes it hard to focus on any one thing. Do your best to hold on to positive, forward-moving ideas and tune out any self-defeating thoughts. A strong need for a change of scene will prompt you to venture away from familiar places.


One particular person will dominate the scene. You feel you can’t get a word in edgeways. Confused communications have a lot to do with the fact that some people are spending more time talking than listening. You feel you have to force your way in to get your voice heard.


No one person is an island. Although you would dearly like to cope with some matters on your own, this will be impossible. You need help. This might be hard to admit but no one is going to judge you for reaching out for advice or assistance.


You might take the chance to buy a beautiful item or make a prestigious purchase. This will be a good investment and that’s why you won’t feel guilty about splashing out. An argument with a friend will dilute some of today’s better influences.


It’s great to have bright ideas and creative thoughts but these will be worth nothing unless you find a way to bring them to fruition. Carry plans through to completion. Promise yourself that whatever you start today, you will finish it.


Work and domestic challenges keep you on your toes. Some you will relish. Others you would rather not have to handle. Various problems that crop up early in the day will take you away from other things you had planned to do. Discussions with a stubborn friend or relative will frustrate you.


Others will look to you for leadership. You have always been one of the initiators of your team. What you won’t want to do is spend too much time talking and thinking about it. You will prefer to encourage others to get on with the job and learn as you go. This will be as good a way as any to proceed.


It is important now for you to feel as if your life is running along more stable and secure lines. A strong need for material and financial security will lead you to make careful decisions designed to cause the least chaos and the most harmony.


An elderly relative or neighbour will be taking a trip down memory lane as a way to celebrate a special anniversary. They will be embarrassed by the fuss others are making of them. You find it important to make this day a one to remember for them.


You won’t find it hard to put your thoughts into words. This makes it all the more easy to get others to understand your way of thinking. Although you can communicate your feelings with ease there is someone who is finding it hard to express their emotions.

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