Hotel staff list annoying things guests do

Hotel staff list annoying things guests do

Staying in a hotel is a luxury for most – but there are some annoying habits staff wish guests would stop doing.

The role of a hotel worker can be exhausting, thanks to dirty rooms, difficult guests and around-the-clock service.

But guests can make the lives of staff easier – and if you’re wondering how, some hotel workers have come up with a few ways we can help, The Sun reports.

The first thing guests can do is avoid being too romantic.

While a passionate hotel getaway might be a nice thing to do for your loved one, when hotel guests put rose petals on the bed and in the bath, it can cause a headache for staff.

A hotel worker took to community site Reddit to share their pet peeve of guests leaving flowers in the room.

“Please don’t do the flower petal thing unless you clean it up,” Susansonly wrote.

“Yes it is romantic. But no one wants to pick up flower petals you and your partner rolled all over naked on.

“Also don’t put the flower petals in the jacuzzi tubs. They stain them and are hard to get out of the jets.”

The next thing guests could do to help hotel staff – and themselves – is to report if something is broken.

Staff hate it when guests don’t tell them something is wrong, and then a guest uses it as a reason to punish hotel workers.

“If something is broken or not working correctly, report it to the front desk,” Hob_0_Rarison wrote on Reddit.

“A lot of people won’t say anything about a light out or a slow drain, and then we get someone who is super b**chy and having a bad day and uses that to punish the staff. Just let us know, and we’ll take care of it.”

Finally, guests can help staff by not making the bed when they are checking out.

While it may seem like you are being helpful, staff will need to change the bedding anyway before the next guest arrives, so it just wastes their time untucking the sheets.

Hotel worker and Reddit user Reijeux wrote: “Don‘t remake your bed if you’re checking out. A lot of people have thought they were helping by fixing their beds for the next guest, but … the sheets are going to be changed anyway.

“Who wants to sleep in used bed sheets from the previous person?”

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