How Does UPI Work and Benefit Your Electricity Bill Payments

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a technology that combines various bank accounts,
smooth fund routing, and merchant payments into a unified mobile application. The
seamless transportation of cash and merchant payments through one interface is made
possible by this app’s combination of many banking functionalities. Additionally, UPI apps
support “Peer to Peer” collection requests that may be planned and paid for according to
need and convenience. In addition to being simple to use, digital payment methods are also
growing more and more popular since they make transactions happen swiftly.

How Are They Unique ?

Instantaneous money transfers on mobile platforms every day of the year, 24/7
● You can use a single app to access various bank accounts
● Single Click 2 Factor Authentication – Complies with regulatory requirements while
offering the beneficial functionality of seamless single-click payment
● The customer’s virtual address for Pull & Push offers incremental security because
they don’t need to provide information like their card number, account number,
IFSC, etc
● QR code
● The easiest solution to the inconvenience of cash on delivery or hurrying to an ATM,
or providing the precise amount
● Payment by a merchant through an individual application or in-app
● Utility bill payments like APCPDCL bill payments, cash payments made in person,
and payments made using QR codes (scan and pay)
● Flexible donations, collections, and disbursements
● Option to directly file a complaint with the mobile app

The UPI Payment Method: Things to Know

To complete UPI transactions, senders and recipients must have a UPI app
downloaded on their cellphones.
● The user needs both the beneficiary’s and their UPI IDs to start a financial transfer.
● The user can view the receiver’s UPI ID on the UPI app.
● The user must input the UPI ID and the required transfer amount.
● The user can also provide the recipient’s phone number, which needs to be linked to
their bank account.
● It is another simple way to send money straight to the recipient’s bank account.
● Users can select the UPI payment option when making online payments using any
service provider application that supports this pay mode. On their smartphone, it
will begin the UPI app. For the money to be taken from the user’s bank account, they
must input their UPI PIN.
● To receive money via UPI, users just simply give the sender their UPI ID or the
mobile number connected to their UPI application and bank account.
● Choose trusted and reputed payment service providers like MobiKwik for swift and
hassle-free payments.

Benefits of Electricity Bill Payments

I. You don’t need to be concerned about sharing your private information. By
removing the possibility of documentation being lost or stolen, paying via UPI apps
also protects your identity and privacy.

II. You no longer need to pay for checks, stamps, or envelopes. You can also reduce
your fuel expenses.

III. You can also remove the adverse environmental effects by doing away with paper
checks and bills.

IV. You are in charge of how and when your bills are handled. Before the money is
transferred, you can alter or even reject the payment request.

V. You can get rewards, offers, and cashback while making your bill payment with
payment apps like MobiKwik, which helps you save even more money.

VI. Your credit score will increase as there is a lesser chance of late or missed payments
because you can make payments through UPI apps anywhere and at any time.

VII. It only takes a few minutes to pay your APCPDCL electricity bills or any other once
you’ve set up the UPI app after providing the necessary details.

VIII. Although it is possible to lose track of your finances, payments via a UPI app
make it easier to keep track of everything. You may quickly determine if something
is posted improperly or if you completely missed a payment when all of your bills
and expenses are collected in one location.


India has made tremendous progress toward developing a cashless economy with the
Unified Payment Interface (UPI) launch. Under the system, your smartphone can act as a
digital debit card. Instant money transactions are now possible thanks to UPI. The QR code
idea has completely replaced the use of e-wallets.

Author: Shirley