How effective is Sinovac vaccine? Here are some lessons from other countries

Lam, who is also chairman of non-profit group Medical Conscience, said “it’s quite obvious” that people who receive the mRNA vaccines have more pains.

“So some people thought, why don’t we just use something (that), in their mind, is mild — less dizziness, less pain, less fever,” he noted.

In terms of severe side effects, there were 28 cases of Bell’s palsy, a kind of facial paralysis, among nearly 452,000 individuals who received their first Sinovac jab, according to University of Hong Kong researchers.

But there is no definitive evidence on how the vaccine might cause this rare reaction.

“If you do develop adverse effects, the government payout is also the same (whether it’s the Sinovac or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine),” said Du. “Both vaccines are approved by the government and are provided by the government.”

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Author: Shirley