How QLD couple saved $3130 at Bunnings with Kmart coffee table DIY

A Queensland couple have managed to transform a cheap table from Kmart into a very expensive looking one by using $370 worth of materials from Bunnings.

Chantell Neale, 22 and Zach Jarrett, 23, from the Gold Coast had their heart set on a designer Swedish coffee table that was retailing for $A3,500.

But having just moved into their first place together and being on a tight budget, the pair decided to instead try and make their own version.

And with Zach’s carpentry skills and Chantell’s designer flair, the couple saved a huge $3130 by doing it themselves.

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“We moved out together in March this year and we’ve saved a fair bit by buying our furniture form Kmart as everything is pretty cheap,” Chantelle told

“But I was searching on Instagram for a coffee table and came across one from a Swedish company which I would never have bought because of the price tag.

“And we just couldn’t afford to spend that much on a single piece of furniture.”

The duo headed back to Kmart where they nabbed a plain $49 round table from the retailer and used it as a base to replicate the designer piece they wanted.

“It came with two — a big and small size — but for the project we used the small one and went to Bunnings to grab the other materials.”

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They spent a total of $370 on items including Tasmanian oak dowels, two timber tops (already cut to shape), wood glue and oak panels.

The eight-hour process involved cutting the dowels to size, sticking them on, sanding the table and applying a clear varnish.

“Zach measured and found the centre of the two timber panels to ensure the Kmart Dome/Cylinder was centred. He then used the wood glue to glue the top and bottom round panels onto the dome.

“After that, he measured and cut the dowels with a hand saw and once we glued the dowels on together, working side-by-side, he sanded the entire table.”

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Chantelle then completed the look by applying three coats of the Monocel Clear Timber Varnish also from Bunnings.

Chantelle said she has always been inspired by home decor and with Zach’s skill working on high-end projects, they tried their luck not realising how good it would turn out.

“I was so happy with it even before we applied the varnish. I just kept telling Zach ‘I am so in love with it’ and it’s now sitting exactly where I wanted it to in the living room.”

“I know if we bought the one for $3,500 I probably wouldn’t have felt as good because of the price. But it definitely feels way better when you know you’ve made it yourself.”

The 22-year-old, who works in sales for a contractor management company, said Zach was also super proud, telling all his tradie mates all about it at work, particularly after the massive reaction it got on TikTok.

Chantell shared a time lapse video of DIY project on the social media platform on Thursday and it has already clocked 1.8 million views.

“Looks better than the expensive one actually,” one user commented.

“OK I would buy your version,” another person added, while a third said: “This is some talent right there!! Amazing work!!”

Chantelle said she was “so shocked” by the positive response, saying she “freaked out” when it hit 100,000 views that night, let alone over a million the following day.

“I can’t believe a home job DIY coffee table has blown up… who would have thought.”

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