How to care for lawns in autumn and winter: Household hack for ‘perfect green grass’

How to care for lawns in autumn and winter: Household hack for ‘perfect green grass’

Winter weather can be a struggle for those trying to keep their lawns looking healthy due to the lack of sunlight and heavy rainfall. With this in mind, the outdoor experts at have revealed how to make gardens stand out from the crowd with a pristine lawn all year round.

From spoon-feeding grass with fertiliser to mowing lawns every three weeks (even in frosty weather), there are plenty of ways gardeners can keep their lawns in great shape in harsher conditions.

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “It’s vital for gardeners to look after their grass in the winter months, as the change in weather can create harmful conditions for the soil and lead to an unpleasant appearance.

“Maintenance is key to keeping your grass green in the colder months, but it’s also important to use these simple methods if you want to achieve perfectly green grass.

“We’ve found six useful ways for homeowners to revitalise their garden’s look and make their grass greener than ever.”

Here are the top tips from Garden Buildings Direct to keep your grass green throughout winter:

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Coffee grounds

The experts said: “Here’s a surprising tip which makes grass beam in colour over winter – sprinkling coffee grounds as a form of fertiliser releases hydrogen into the soil which provides useful nutrients for the soil.

“Make sure to rake it in so the grounds go directly into the soil and try to limit the amount you use, as in some cases it can leave patches of brown in the grass.”

Remove weeds

While it’s standard for gardeners to remove weeds, the cold weather can put people off from getting these jobs completed.

Digging out the weeds around the grass can help keep lawns fresh and healthy. If you’re using a spray to remove the weeds, make sure not to spray it on the grass as this can ruin its condition and it will stand out like a sore thumb in an otherwise green garden.

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To achieve an eye-catching look and colour in the garden, overseed the lawn. This helps to fill in the gaps in the grass and will help thicken the consistency.

It’s also a great way to help build up any patchy areas in the grass and improve the overall look.

Iron sulphate

The experts added: “Increasing the amount of iron helps to boost the amount of nutrients in grass and overtime darkens the colour as it’ll help improve the pH levels in the grass to help prevent any unpleasant colour changes.”

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