How to clean grout: ‘Best’ way to clean yellow bathroom grout for 50p

How to clean grout: ‘Best’ way to clean yellow bathroom grout for 50p

Whether in the bathroom or kitchen, tile grout can attract dirt and discolour very easily, especially if it is white. If not cleaned regularly, mould can also build up inside, due to its porous nature. To help prevent dirty grout, make sure to ventilate the space as well as wipe down the tiles after using the shower or bath. Sometimes however, grout will need to be cleaned regardless to help get rid of germs and bacteria.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Sue Sargent wrote: “Does anyone have any ideas on how I can clean the grout in my shower please? It was white but has now turned yellow.”

The post received lots of comments from cleaning enthusiasts, who all suggested the same product to use.

Alisha Mohammad wrote: “Use bleach with a toothbrush and scrub it, works a treat.” Tracy Smith also recommended using “cheap” bleach along with a toothbrush to help scrub in-between the grout.

Michela Vince commented: “Bleach along with a cheap toothbrush is definitely the best way to clean dirty grout.”

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Sally Bremner commented: “Bicarbonate soda mix to a paste with warm water. Cover the grout and leave to dry, you’ll be amazed when you wipe it all away. I’ve used it so many times and I’ve found that it works so much better than bleach.”

Christine Pyne added: “A guaranteed method that I’ve found is to use baking soda and white vinegar. Use the two ingredients to create a paste, making sure that its not too runny and apply it to your grout.

“Then leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes and it’ll come out whiter than ever.”

When baking soda is mixed with white vinegar, the acid breaks down the powder, releasing carbon dioxide, helping to lift stains.

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According to experts at Checkatrade, staining can make it hard to bring grout back to its best, but it is possible to keep it looking bright with a few products. 

The experts said: “Fill your sink with warm water and grab your stiff-bristled brush, wet it and then rub the grout in a circular motion. 

“Alternatively, fill your spray bottle with warm water, spray and brush in the same way.

“Prepare a mix of equal parts warm water and vinegar in your spray bottle. Spray it onto the grout and leave for several minutes.

“Then scrub with your stiff-bristled brush and rinse with warm water. If your grout is still dirty, create a baking soda paste with warm water and apply it to the grout lines.

“Spray on your vinegar solution and allow it to foam. Scrub with your stiff-bristled brush and rinse with warm water.”

For really tough grout stains and mould, the experts recommended using a purpose-made grout cleaning solution, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The experts added: “If, after all of these steps, your grout is still stained and mouldy, then you may need to re-grout your tiles. Cleaning grout on floor tiles can be done in the same way as wall tiles.”

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