How to get volume in hair – beauty guru’s £1.50 hack

How to get volume in hair – beauty guru’s £1.50 hack

Bambi is a content creator of focuses on “a less is more approach to beauty”, and she has 64.9K followers on her TikTok account @bambidoesbeauty. The beauty guru discussed how to get “big 90s bouncy hair on a budget”.

Using all Boots products, that come with a tiny price tag of £1.50, she created supermodel-worthy hair. Bambi told followers: “You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds to get big 90s bouncy hair. Every styling product I use in this video I picked up from Boots for £1.50.

“I went for the Boots hair mousse for curly hair. This is basically the secret for long-lasting style. It gives the hair a bit of grit, so curls will actually hold without being like hard or sticky. I recommend it to everyone.”

Bambi massaged the Boots everyday curly hair mousse into her roots before applying a generous amount to a brush and brushing the product through her hair. She said: “This mousse is your secret weapon for oomph and long-lasting style.”

Bambi rough-dried her hair with a hair dryer after applying the mousse. She said: “I’ve just roughed it out. Look at the lift it’s given my roots already.”

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The expert adds: “This is always my final step for a big hairstyle. Dry shampoo is the best for volume.” Bambi uses the Boots Original Dry Shampoo.

One commenter wrote: “I have sworn by the Boots curly and volumising mousse, and the hairspray, for years. Can’t be beaten for quality and value!”

Another wrote: “Boots mouse for the win i used it last night and woooow.” One added: “This hack has SAVED my hair! My roots are not flat at all, thank uuuu.”

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