How to look younger in 2 weeks: 3-step beauty routine to ‘reduce lines & wrinkles’

How to look younger in 2 weeks: 3-step beauty routine to ‘reduce lines & wrinkles’

Maintaining a youthful appearance is something many women wish to achieve. A recent German study found that the appearance of a woman’s skin on her chest, hands and arms greatly impacts how old she is perceived to be. spoke to Vicki Engsall, Co-Founder of The Jojoba Company

Vicki initially explained what young skin looks like: “Healthy skin looks plump, bouncy, hydrated, dewy, even textured. It is soft and smooth to touch.”

As for how someone’s skin can make them look older, she revealed the ‘tell-tale’ signs. 

“The main signs of aging are fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging/jowls, loss of fullness in the face, rough, uneven textured skin, and pigmentation or age spots, and sometimes redness (Rosacea is a common problem in aging skin),” she said.

“Everyone’s skin, lifestyle, genetics and how well they have looked after their skin is different so there is no definite start date for anyone [to start showing signs of aging].

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“Late nights, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water or consuming antioxidants will accelerate the aging process. 

“In addition, extended sun exposure without protection will accelerate the aging process as well as looking after your skin with quality products. 

“In saying all of this, we know that after about the age of 22, the skin’s wax esters and hyaluronic acid begin to diminish (these are responsible for holding moisture in the skin) as well other important skin components.

“Without replenishing these and without good lifestyle habits, people can start to see the signs of aging as young as their late 20s.”

But is it as simple as boosting skin hydration by drinking more water and applying a face cream or oil?

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Vicki explained: “It is a little more complicated than just drinking more water and applying moisturiser to the face (although these are very important). 

“It is important to keep the skin cleansed and exfoliated so that the moisturiser can penetrate through the skin. If you don’t exfoliate the skin effectively and unclog the pores the moisturiser will be unable to penetrate the skin effectively meaning that the skin won’t benefit from the topical application. 

“In addition, it is the type of moisturiser that you use. It is important to use a humectant (a water binding hydrator such as hyaluronic acid) which will hydrate from a water perspective, an emollient (an oil to moisturise from an oil perspective and nourish) and an occlusive (a cream) to create a moisture barrier to help reduce moisture loss from the skin.

“These three are the perfect recipe for well hydrated and moisturised skin.”

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One product Vicki recommends is the Ultimate Youth Potion which is said to “prevent and repair fine lines and wrinkles”. 

It is an anti-aging facial oil that “contains a high percentage of jojoba which works to deeply hydrate the skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day”. 

“Well hydrated skin is better protected from fine lines and wrinkles,” she said. “It also contains L22, a patented active ingredient which works to bring the skin’s lipid profile back to the way it was when you were aged 22 when the ratio of lipids was in the perfect balance. Balanced skin lipids help to fight the signs of aging. 

“It also contains CoQ10, a potent antioxidant which will help protect the skin from the elements and give the skin cells energy to keep them healthy and plump. It contains a spectrum of natural oils full of vitamins and omegas to help increase elasticity and firmness in the skin and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by supporting the collagen in the skin.”

It won’t take long for people to see the changes in their skin either as “people see results using this Youth Potion after just two weeks”, the expert claimed.

As for how to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, Vicki said: “Looking after your skin is important if you want to try to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

“Using a good cleansing regime morning and night and exfoliating two to three times per week, along with using a quality serum, facial oil and moisturiser morning and night are really important.

“Using an SPF every single day is very important. One of the major factors contributing to aging skin is the sun. If you use an SPF every day, you are going to slow down the signs of aging.. 

“Living a healthy life, getting enough sleep each night, eating a balanced diet containing lots of colourful antioxidant rich foods and keeping hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day are all going to help prevent the signs of aging.”

The Jojoba Company’s Ultimate Youth Potion + L22® can be purchased direct for £29.95.

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