How to look younger: ‘The single most important thing’ for ageing – doctor advice

How to look younger: ‘The single most important thing’ for ageing – doctor advice

Dr Ginni Mansberg and Dr Hasia Al Khubra exclusively shared the best tips and products one can use to appear younger. Dr Ginni is a GP and founder of ESK Skincare, while Dr Hasia is a cosmetic doctor, skin specialist, and founder of the prescription and non-prescription skincare line Doctors Dose.

Dr Ginni explained “there are two factors that result in skin ageing”.

“The first is simply the ticking of the clock or chronological ageing. The second, often called premature ageing, is caused by external factors like air pollution, smoking and diet but is primarily caused by cumulative exposure to the sun,” she said.

“While many of the impacts of chronological and premature skin ageing are similar, chronologically aged skin tends to look dry, thin and finely wrinkled.

“On the other hand, prematurely aged skin tends to look leathery, with bigger wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.”

“The primary concern for premature ageing – and increasingly we are aware of an increased risk of skin cancer – is exposure to the sun’s UVA rays.”

To protect one’s skin against UVA rays, Dr Ginni advised looking for skin products with the words “broad-spectrum” on them, which indicates that the product protects from UVA as well as UVB.

Products with Vitamins B3 and C in them can also help. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is stable, well-tolerated and is helpful for many skin types and conditions, while Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is great for helping with the classical signs of sun related skin ageing.

Dr Hasia Al Khubra told that, in order to look younger, “there’s so many things and it’s about the whole picture, not just one thing in particular”.

“For under eyes, the best product for ageing is a retinoid. It doesn’t need to be specifically formulated in an eye cream, but tretinoin will help delay ageing around the eyes and is the only FDA approved ingredient for fine lines and wrinkles.

“A key skincare ingredient for slowing the ageing process is Vitamin C as it is an antioxidant and keeps the skin looking smooth and younger for longer,” Dr Hasia added.

There are other factors too, she stressed, such as wearing sunglasses, sunhats, caps, and long sleeves, as well as completely avoiding sun tanning beds.

Like Dr Ginni, Dr Hasia noted that “the best product for your skin to slow the ageing process is sunscreen”.

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