How to make a website

How to make a website

Step By Step how to make a website

How to make a website in easy way website making is very easy way one can create his website with easy platform call WordPress.

Why we need a website

Because in website there are different types of data are stored on a website like post pages about US contact us app link website.

In website we can share information like any of the post you want to write for example you say you want to write about the how to remove kidney stone or how to make a website these are the information we can write in the post.

Also a website is very beneficial foreign company to represent his product front of the world.

From where to start and how to make a website first step To remember before Making a website

While making a website there are certain things to remember because website making is not so easy but yes if you make a website step by step it will go easy for you.

step by step how to make a website

Steps to make a website

Have to choose a wordpress platform

Choosing a hosting plan

Installing the WordPress with the help off hosting

After creating the word press website.

You have to choose a theme like business theme for I think it’s depend on you what theme you want to use on your website.

After choosing the theme you have to created pages like about us page our home page the category that you want to site.

After creating that you need to create a terms and condition page privacy policy page disclaimer page very important after creating a website.

Now it’s depend on you after use theme a hello Dolly post will appear on your website now it’s time to delete that post because every time when you click on your website it will show the post name cal hello Dolly.

So you have to delete a hello Dolly post from your website and you can start writing a new post from the post back and Also you have to take care of the term as we Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization it’s a very beneficial for a new website for example if you created a post and its not appear on the search engine so there is no use of making a website.

So Search Engine Optimization you have to download a plugin from a plugin back end word press website.

While choosing your plugin you have to take care there is a plugin name called rank match all in one SEO

So comment you to choose and all in one SEO because its plays an important role in the Search Engine Optimization where post will be available in the search engine whenever you create whenever you submit your post.

Then the important part creating a sitemap

Almost engine Optimization plugin all in one SEO in build there is a sitemap enable.

So what can you do you have to just copy the site map link and you have to go to a Webmaster tool in your Google.

While submitting a website in a Webmaster tool index your whole website as well as your post..

After submitting your post to Google Webmaster tool important and necessary step that I will be telling you to meet your website to different search engine.

Freewebsubmission hot com content website where you can submit your website to different types of search engine where it will be appear and index in all search engine..

After creating full website 2 yeh 3 days like you have to submit your website name pingler and another what thing pingmylinks

Note after creating a website plugins required for WordPress

First plugin in one SEO
Second plugin cache
Third plugin word fence security
Forth plugin contact us form

So these are the most required website word press plugin your word press after creating a website.

I hope is there any while creating a website or you are facing any problem on your website related to troubleshooting or your website is there but its not found or its not showing blank.

So if there are any requirement while creating a new website just fill up the details contact us form and we will help you.

Author: Shirley