How to recreate Kate Middleton’s ‘radiant’ look plus best products to buy

How to recreate Kate Middleton’s ‘radiant’ look plus best products to buy

, is flawless at 40, never failing to impress whether she’s on the red carpet or at a royal engagement. Her is always on point, and stays perfect throughout the day. spoke exclusively to Grace Fodor from mature makeup brand Studio10 about the Princess’ makeup look.

Grace stated: “Kate’s makeup styles are effortless with radiant glowing skin, barely-there natural looking makeup, and eyes that are beautifully defined in muted browns and signature liner.

“Kate Middleton has hit 40 with a natural and elegant makeup look. Her eyes are less instead of more, and gone is the overdone black eyeliner we saw in the early days.”

According to Grace, Kate’s look emulates Studio10’s ethos, which is all about redefining beauty for women as they get older.

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She stressed the importance of celebrating the beauty of the age you are without trying to look younger.

Grace suggested one way to do this might be to not constantly update your makeup back with the “latest colour trends” but instead opt for timeless, “classic” shades that impress decade after decade.

As for what we would find in Kate’s makeup bag, Grace guessed the royal would have a few elegant staples.

She said: “Kate was once spotted at a Wimbledon match using a natural lip gloss from Clarins. Eagle eyed fans think it may have been the shade Rose Shimmer.


She concluded: “Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eye Base Eye Primer is great to prep the eyes before applying eyeshadow and keeping makeup in place.”

While Kate has experimented with a range of makeup looks during her time in the royal spotlight, the expert revealed that there might be some she steers clear of on purpose.

Studio10’s Grace claimed: “There are many ‘unspoken’ protocols Kate will have to follow as part of the Royal family.

“Some of the secret rules are that they should not wear bold bright lipsticks or nail varnishes.

“Generally, it’s about keeping it simple, so light makeup and not going overboard with blush, eye shadow or lipstick.”

While the Royal Family have no mandatory makeup rules, more subtle makeup seems to be the done thing, with bold nails and lipstick spotted only very occasionally.

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