How to remove kettle limescale instantly to make appliance boil ‘so much faster’

How to remove kettle limescale instantly to make appliance boil ‘so much faster’

is a mineral deposit that affects the performance of appliances – most commonly kettles.

The substance is mainly calcium carbonate and has a chalky or crusty appearance. Limescale is a bigger problem in regions with hard water.

For a kettle to boil normally, the heating element must be in good working order. Unfortunately, the heating element is a favourite spot when limescale accumulates inside a kettle.

It then causes the element to struggle and boil the water for longer. Limescale can also affect a kettle with a hidden element.

In this case, the mineral deposits pack against the bottom which also interferes with the kettle’s boiling time.

Sharing before and after photos of her limescale-ridden work kettle that is now spotless, Jo Besant took to the Army Tips to share the product she used to tackle the task.

She said: “So this is the kettle at my work, they won’t buy a new one. Before and after pics – is defo a winner. Limescale instantly disappeared. The kettle boils so much faster now.”

Citric acid powder is cheap, effective and so easy to use that it requires very little effort on your part.

Simply boil water with one to two tablespoons of citric acid powder before rinsing the kettle out.

Other Mrs Hinch fans in the comments were fans of this cleaning tip too. Maxine Taoka said: “Citric acid works wonders on kettles.

“I work in a lab, and we use it for our industrial water still and our kettle in the office. You can buy boxes of it in Wilko, and I’m sure I’ve seen it in Poundland too.

“Boil the kettle, add half a box and it dissolves all the limescale in 15 minutes. Stuff a bit of kitchen roll soaked in the solution for the spout. Remove the filter and chuck it in the main kettle as it works.”

Anna Witowska commented: “Citric acid – natural and no chemicals. Works better than anything I’ve tried.”

Bethany Hickman wrote: “Add a little citric acid and some water and boil. It comes up brand new. Worked a treat for my glass kettle.”

recently put this citric acid cleaning tip to the test and found it to work so well.

Compared to and , we found that citric acid worked so much faster. What’s more, unlike white vinegar, there is no smell whatsoever left behind with this hack.

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