I tried a mattress vacuum which ‘promises’ to ‘zap’ away dust mites – here’s my thoughts

I tried a mattress vacuum which ‘promises’ to ‘zap’ away dust mites – here’s my thoughts

While cleaning a mattress is crucial in maintaining good hygiene, it is something I often forget to do when changing bed sheets.

I recently vacuumed my mattress using a normal vacuum with a suction attachment which left lots of bobbles on the surface, so I decided to try VonHaus’s 350W Handheld UV Bed Vacuum to see if it lived up to its amazing reviews.

There are lots of ways you can clean a mattress, including leaving baking soda on it but due to having lots of pets, I prefer something quick and easy like a vacuum.

The description of this device reads: “Helping to step up your home hygiene, this UV bed vacuum is the ultimate tool for a cleaner, safer home.

“With a UV light to penetrate surfaces and zap away harmful organisms, as well as a powerful vibration agitator to clean out dust mites and all the nasties that live in your mattress, this vacuum promises deep, proper cleaning.”

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Dust mites are microscopic bugs which feed on dead skin cells, living and dying inside mattresses, upholstered furniture and bedding material.

While you can’t see them, symptoms of an infestation include an achy nose, stuffy or runny nose as well as trouble sleeping.

This vacuum also helps to remove dust and dirt on the surface as well as getting below the surface, helping to decrease allergies and illnesses.

It couldn’t have been simpler to use, with just one button to turn it on and off, it was super easy to glide up and down the mattress.

Having a dust and pollen allergy is hard, especially in the summer, but using this vacuum has really helped my symptoms to calm down.

I have used it on my sofas too as well as my duvet and it is incredible. Although you can’t see it targeting the dust mites, the vibration is strong enough to be doing its job.

It comes with a 0.3L dust box and a HEPA filter which can be replaced and it is super simple to empty which helps massively when vacuuming lots of beds at once.

The four metre cable is also handy, especially when not having a plug super nearby to the furniture item. 

Its sleek design makes it easy to store and I find myself wanting to clean the mattress more now I have this device because of how easy and quick the process is.

Vonhaus stock this product for £46.99, but there are always discounts available, and it is available on eBay for around £30.

In order to reduce the chance of getting dust mites, make sure to change and clean bedding regularly, washing on a hot cycle.

Adele Brennan, Home Electricals Buyer at VonHaus, said: “Mattresses should be cleaned and vacuumed regularly as they can hold dust and other allergens, which can be bad, especially for people who suffer from those allergies. 

“Dust is made of dead skin flakes, hair, and pollen and these often fall into the mattress as you sleep on it. 

“To keep the mattress clean and free from these it is recommended to vacuum your mattress at least once a month, whilst giving it a deeper clean every six months.”

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