Idyllic winter holiday destination where pints cost £1.75 | Travel News | Travel

Idyllic winter holiday destination where pints cost £1.75 | Travel News | Travel

If it’s sun, sand and cheap you want, to beat those impending winter blues, look no further than this idyllic Spanish city.

Murcia is situated in south-eastern , nestled between Alicante and Cartagena, and isn’t far from some of the country’s most breathtaking coastlines.

And if that wasn’t enough to reel you in to its sunny climes, you can relax with a pint for as little as 2€ (£1.75) in the central plaza of the region’s capital city, also called Murcia.

Murcia isn’t just the perfect spot for washing down a pint in the sun, however, as it’s also home to some of the most picturesque landscapes on the continent.

In fact, the region’s mix of mountainous terrain and fertile landscapes, with vibrant and , means it’s been given the nickname the “Garden of Europe”, with stunning scenery in nearly all directions.

As of today, November 2, the temperatures are 29C – yes, in November – meaning whether you choose to lounge in the city centre with a cheap beer, or take a hike in the gorgeous surroundings, you can do so under the warm skies.

What’s more, there’s plenty of other ways to pass the time, including cycling, kayaking or watching the Flamenco dancing in the evening.

And if it’s a sense of history, the 15th century Gothic Cathedral de Santa María is one of the city’s most storied sights.

As one local visitor said of their trip: “My wife and I visited the cathedral last Saturday, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“The inside is entirely what one would expect – a magnificent Gothic design with some fabulously ornate chapels spread across the entire length of the cathedral.

“My wife and I never really tired of looking at the outside baroque vista, particularly when it’s lit up at night.

“The whole ambience was also added to by the street musicians playing nearby, who had a good repertoire of Strauss and Mozart pieces. All in all, a magnificent place to visit, at any time of the year.”

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