‘I’m a travel expert and flight prices are cheaper at a specific time of day’ | Travel News | Travel

‘I’m a travel expert and flight prices are cheaper at a specific time of day’ | Travel News | Travel

Booking a holiday for 2024? A travel expert has shared when they think flight prices are the cheapest.

Cody Candee, CEO and travel expert at Bounce, said: “It may be well known that flight prices can fluctuate during the week, but few people know to book in the afternoon.

“Prices can drop cheaper during later hours of the day after business travellers book most of their flights.”

While flight prices generally fluctuate during the week, it might be cheaper to book a flight towards the end of the day when business travellers have already booked. Flight prices generally rise the closer it gets to the date of travel so it’s a good idea to secure a good price when it appears.

Cody added: “To make sure you are getting the cheapest prices on flights, don’t just look on the major comparison websites, as often the smaller sites can have bigger discounts.

“Set up price alerts. This sounds simple, yet so many travellers forget this key step in grabbing the best flight deals.

“Setting up price alerts will allow you to be notified any time a flight you’re interested in drops in price, meaning you can be the first to get a deal. Apps such as Skyscanner offer this service as well as KAYAK.”

British tourists who have a particular destination in mind can send up price alerts to see when their flight will be cheapest to book.

It’s a good idea to do a little research before booking a flight as some destinations are cheapest to book at particular times of year.

Of course, travellers can make huge savings if they have flexible plans. Cody added: “If you have a region in mind, don’t just look at flights to and from the main airport, look at others nearby.

“You can then weigh up the cost of flying directly to the main airport or travelling to your destination from a nearby airport.

‌“You could also consider staying outside of popular tourist destinations and travelling in.”

In the UK, people who live near the Scottish/English border may find it’s cheaper to travel to an airport on the other side of the border depending on the time of year.

English and Scottish schools often break for holidays at different times of year so flight prices from airports in each country can vary.

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