Include These Fruits And Vegetables In Your Monsoon Diet To Boost Immunity

The lovely showers that the monsoon brings are a welcome relief from the scorching heat. However, during this season our immunity also takes a dip, making us prone to cold, flu and infections like dengue, cholera, malaria and typhoid. As we are already in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important now more than ever to build our immunity by focusing on our diet. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients and help in strengthening the body’s immune system.

Here is a list of some super foods that would help in naturally boosting your body with the required nutrients.

  1. Citrus and Seasonal Fruits: Fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients like Vitamin C and fibre. They help in restoring the energy and build immunity. Include seasonal fruits in your diet like plums, apple, guava, banana, pomegranate, papaya, kiwi, amla, orange, sweet lime, lychee, pears and berries. These fruits are also high in antioxidants that further help in reducing blood pressure.
  2. Beetroot: During monsoons, a lot of people suffer from indigestion. Consumption of beetroot helps in the digestion process, weight loss and building immunity. Beetroot is also beneficial for those experiencing hair and skin problems.
  3. Corn: Corn is considered a healthy snack during monsoon as it is low in calories and rich in fibre. It also has lutein and two phytochemicals that improve vision. Besides, the insoluble fibres in corn propel good bacteria in our gut which helps in digestion. It is an extremely versatile food that can be steamed, boiled or roasted.
  4. Bitter Gourd: Include bitter gourd in your diet to keep diseases like constipation, ulcers and malaria at bay as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Even diabetic patients are advised to consume bitter gourd because it helps in lowering the body’s blood sugar level.
  5. Coconut Water: One of the best ways to stay healthy and prevent bacterial infections is by keeping the body hydrated. While you should increase the intake of water, consuming coconut water once a day can further help in flushing out the toxins as it is a good source of electrolytes. It has immunity-boosting properties and is also said to improve the health of the heart. It also reduces weight and can do wonders for one’s skin.

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Author: Shirley