india jobs: Companies helping employees ‘step-in’ professional space after long breaks

india jobs: Companies helping employees ‘step-in’ professional space after long breaks

A long break in career no longer means an end to your professional life. Firms in India are giving a second chance to employees who are willing to rekindle their careers.

A lot of companies in India are offering return-to-work programme for professionals aspiring to restart or resume their career.

Equipping with better understanding of the strategic issues to make better decisions.

According to a TOI report, Shilpi Singh, HR professional, joined Airtel through the company’s return-to-work programme called ‘Step-In’. Singh had come back in the professional space after 10 long years.

“Breaks enrich us in many ways. People may have taken a break from an active corporate career, but they gain experience during this phase by doing something meaningful elsewhere. Being out of the corporate world doesn’t mean that you’re not active. In fact, the way Shilpi has come back into the team, the insights she’s bringing to us and the conversations that she’s having internally & externally — it is really impressive,” TOI quoted Airtel chief people officer Amrita Padda as saying.

Companies in India have also come up with second-career programmes. These schemes have been developed for female employees with right experience who are willing to return to professional space after leaving their career due to circumstances like childcare, etc.

Another such programme is ‘Renew’ operating at Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Under this programme, only qualifications of a returnee woman candidate are taken into consideration and not the length of her career gap.

“We recently hired a woman employee who was on a career break that extended to around 10 years. We hired her because she’s a qualified MBA and is suitable for the post. All that we ensure is that we sensitise the candidates coming back to work after a long break that they are being hired for their past experience and their current potential for the job requirement,” reported TOI citing Executive VP & head (corporate HR) C Jayakumar as saying. The company has hired close to 2,000 candidates through the programme in last one year.

Another FMCG giant, Marico, recently launched ‘Phoenix’, a gender neutral second-career programme, which also does not have a cap on the break a candidate took.

As second-career policies get further fine-tuned to make them more progressive, Marico decided to make Phoenix a gender-neutral programme given the paradigm shift in employee expectations, reported TOI.

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