Inside the UK’s ‘hottest and sunniest’ town dubbed ‘British Turkey’ | Travel News | Travel

Inside the UK’s ‘hottest and sunniest’ town dubbed ‘British Turkey’ | Travel News | Travel

The study analysed the latest records from the Met Office to determine Britain’s most consistently warm and sunny holiday spots.

Over the past decade, experts examined the number of “sunshine hours” and average yearly temperatures, and discovered that Torbay takes the top spot for reliably good weather.

This charming location is renowned for its stunning caves and caverns, a captivating model village, and an abundance of delightful cafes and restaurants.

Torbay is also home to a breathtaking beach, which has received rave reviews from visitors. One person shared their experience on TripAdvisor, saying: “We had a lovely time watching all the different beach activities happening on the day we visited; from people surfing and swimming to kite surfing; board sailing; walking dogs etc.”

Another penned: “On a beautifully sunny day, this beach was practically deserted. There were two windsurfers, a kayak, a mother and son lying down, and my friend and I walking. Sand is nice, and would be good for swimming.”

Influencers on TikTok have also discovered the allure of Torbay, with one user, 6mxroa, dubbing it a “hidden gem in the UK” and sharing a video of the town.

The video garnered over 33,000 views, attracting tourists eager to share their own experiences of this West Country treasure. One person commented, “British Turkey,” while another simply stated, “Torquay is beautiful, I’ve been there.”

According to Cofton Holidays’ study, other popular towns with reliably warm weather include Brighton, Bristol, Bath, and Cornwall.

Chris Jeffery, the Director at Cofton Holidays, said: “I am delighted to see that South Devon is consistently the best UK holiday destination for reliably warm and sunny weather.

“To help families make the most of the hot weather forecast, we have opened our large outdoor pool for visitors from today, as well as a range of exciting short breaks at Cofton.

“Guests can also enjoy exciting outdoor activities at our South Devon holiday park, including swimming, beaches, cycling, and high ropes adventures.”

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