Ireland offers to pay people to move to stunning islands – the catch | Travel News | Travel

Ireland offers to pay people to move to stunning islands – the catch | Travel News | Travel

Anyone who’s ever been tempted to drop everything and move to a remote island has just been offered the perfect chance.

Under a new scheme, Ireland is offering people the chance to move to one of its gorgeous islands and will pay £68,000 to anyone who does so.

The ‘Our Living Islands’ scheme is aiming to repopulate some of Ireland’s most breathtaking but remote islands.

The Irish Government said: “The aim of this policy is to ensure that sustainable, vibrant communities can continue to live and thrive on the offshore islands for many years to come.”

Anyone interested will need to meet a few requirements before picking up the cash and starting a new life.

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The scheme is aiming to help communities on 30 islands which aren’t linked to the mainland by bridges.

What’s the catch?

While new residents will be offered the cash grant when they resettle, they will need to purchase and own a property on one of the islands.

Any building purchased must have been constructed before 1993 and will need to have stood vacant for at least two years.

The money can only be used for building work such as structural improvements, redecorating and installing insulation.

Local authorities that are part of the scheme do have their own rules and regulations so anyone interested should check these on the Our Living Islands website.

Remote locations available to scheme participants include Arranmore off the coast of Donegal and Clare Island off the coast of County Mayo.

Clare Island is a mountainous idyll which is famed as the former home of the pirate, Gráinne O’Malley, in the 16th century.

Arranmore is the perfect destination for watersports fans with kayaking, sailing and diving on offer on the water.

Many of the island communities have dwindled in recent years as residents have left to seek new opportunities on the mainland.

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