Is it OK to yell at your kids?

Is it OK to yell at your kids?

It is important to know if you can raise your voice, based on your child’s age. Toddlers are unlikely to understand the logic of the yell and will only absorb the fury. When parents yell at toddlers they create fear, which prevents kids from recognizing that their parents are trying to protect them.

Observe how your child responds to yelling and post-yelling. You will have to control yourself if your yelling triggers negative consequences. To some children, a yell is just a parent being loud while others can take it extremely personally and feel hurt.

There are times when it’s great and even necessary to raise your voice. This can be when you have kids hitting each other or attempting something dangerous that can hurt them or anyone else around. These are instances when shocking them by shouting works, but once you get a kid’s attention you should modulate your voice. Basically, yell to warn, but speak to explain.

If you find yourself yelling all the time and all the days, we’ve got a problem that needs control. Failing to do so on a daily basis and constantly yelling and shouting is probably a less than productive long-term parenting strategy.

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