Israel’s Watergen Launches Products That Generate Drinking Water From Air

Israel’s Watergen Launches Products That Generate Drinking Water From Air

Watergen, an Israel-based company that generates drinking water from the air, today announced its strategic joint venture with SMV Jaipuria Group to bring its global patented technology to India. Through this partnership, the entities will introduce its Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) product categories in India that creates mineralized, safe-drinking water out of ambient air. 

The companies shared their plans to launch a manufacturing unit in India within a year of starting operations.

The company showcased its wide range of Watergen products, consisting of: Genny, Gen-M1, Gen-M Pro and Gen-L. With their capacities ranging from 30 to up to 6,000 liters per day, the pricing of these products is estimated to start from 2.5 lakh. 

These products will be ideal for schools, hospitals, parks, resorts, construction sites, temporary localities, villages, residential buildings, homes, offices and any other place where drinking water is required. Its plug and play technology can be easily installed using a standard electricity connection or any alternative energy sources. 

Maayan Mulla, CEO Watergen India, said, “At Watergen, we believe in innovative technology that makes our consumers’ life simpler and more convenient. India is amongst our top three strategic markets and together with our partner, we are determined to provide safe mineralized drinking water available for every individual, across geographies and demographics. Through our patented GENius technology, we are fully geared to cater to the increasing industrial and consumer demand for better quality water in India.”

Chaitanya Jaipuria, Director, SMV Jaipuria Group, added, “As the population in India increasingly struggles to access clean, natural water, our partner–Watergen’s innovative technology can pose a game-changing solution. This joint venture is a step towards empowering the people of India with the access to the most essential necessity for survival i.e., water. We are confident that with Watergen, we will be able to make safe and highest quality drinking water accessible to people from the most remote rural village communities to commercial office buildings to private homes.”

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